Thursday, April 16, 2009

ACPS-2 Physics Playground

Sorry for the lack of updates (You know what Holidays does to your work), but I have come back with good news! I have finally completed ACPS, the physics playground is GTA-esque (in essence, it is a topdown car game). Now all I have to do is write a tutorial (In GM7.0) on how to utilize the functions ;D

Above is a small animation containing a few screenshots from the simulation.
Download Link:

Be sure to check out my dA space to!

Also, any suggestions on what you want to see in the game (such as extra objects, scenes and options) post here, describe what you want. (I also plan on making a GTA-style game with my friend. The project is currently known only as Project-X).

Monday, October 20, 2008

D: Ish Over?

-Far from it! Lately I have not been updating my blog due to various reasons, mostly to do with college work - so, naturally it's that time of the week again to update the progress of my various projects. Yesturdy, which was really sh!tty, appart from the excellent interview/presentation I held at my school, and it turns out that i got more than just a pass! And there are no grades in presentations, you either do it. Or fail.So there is my presentation, well the first slide to it - introducing me, my character and what I do. I also managed to get pre-wip (alpha) demo's of my games/products showing off my skillz >3
Of the completed games, I have (as following, in order dictated by the pic's below), ACPS - Advanced Car Physics, Stickmen Zombies, and - Fox Anthropomorphic Platformer:
All of which can be downloaded here!:

I am also building a small tech demo on a game based on Halo, but completely different! Stay tuned! :3

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Sinaz of the GMC made me realize an awesome destructible terrain function (wewt!) which is apparently 5000 times faster than my old method-:

(of taking a sprite from one of the destructible terrain objects, saving it to ram, cutting a hole into that stored image, calling back the image, setting it as the mask, and then duplicating it while softening the edges!)

-into a faster newer method (hole is cut into a collision data-grid, surface that draws the dirt has a hole cut out of it) is also easier to control the properties, while allowing me to create surface-warping effects! YAYZORS!

The only prob is that it will no longer support integrated graphics cards (who has those now anyway? - oh wait, the school's crappy computers do! D: ), but I now know how popular it is going to get!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Robaki development. Blarg.

The history does not contain versions older than 1.0 (first compiled test)
> fixed * changed - removed + addition ! other stuff
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.7 * Resolution versions dumped for an "options" tab. * Destructable terrain has been swapped over to external graphics chipsets (no intergrated cards, sorry) > Now runs 2000% faster! The total memory used to calculate digging is now well below 10 kilobytes! :D ! Still has the soft-edges of the previous DT, plus no more "edge-glitches" * Physics is in the process of being recoded to work with the new "tecture-terrain". + New texture-based terrain now supports texure-warping (shockwave effects to be more precise)! ! Unnoficual development forum!
Version 3.6 + Three versions of the same game can be played at different resolutions (can be changed in Version3.7 within the settings.txt file)
Version 3.5 * Destructable terrain is now of Liero quality, but this results it running slower on pentium III computers... Due to lag, Robaki cannot be played efficiently on computers that are below pentium 4.
Version 3.4 > Animated shadow for the shadow caster now draws correct sub-img (I noticed that the shadow used to flicker to the next image...)
Version 3.3 * Physics changed from vector physics back to previous code-based collision detection ! Turns out that the vector physics made it run slower, it was also less stable and allowed the worms to "pop" through the walls, no matter - phixed now (lol, purpose typo)
Version 3.2 * Physics replaced with vector physics for reality
Version 3.1 ! I fell asleep at my PC this day, somehow I pressed a random button that made something good happen :) > Found out that one of my codes was missing a letter. Now it runs 4 frames faster FPS. :D
Version 3.0 + 8 bit color palette exchanged for a 24 bit color pallete ! This enables user-made skins! ;D
Version 2.9 > Some weirdo bug fixed, it had a liking of throwing the worm around once you manage to pop thru level boundary ! It was the collision detection playing up again... No matter, now there are 2 seperate scripts.
Version 2.8 * Chainsaw sprite reshaded to look like an original Liero weapon :D ! Using the same palette.
Version 2.7 * Ninja rope now looks like the original * Worm physics upgraded AGAIN... > No clipping FYI > Rebound now works propperly now. > Digging is bug-free ! Digging will slow down a computer that has below pentium 4, 1ghz CPU... ! Nothing can be done about it, simply is the destructable terrain.. Oh well.
Version 2.6 ! Ninja rope has a 1% chance of not laching onto dirt, even if it is - at which point the worm will refuse to rebound to the ninja rope... : ! The error is a inside error on the project compilation, I can do nothing... D:
Version 2.5 ! I like to think I "fixed" some "critical error" and made it "run a thousand times faster", note the quotes. > Ninja rope now comes back to you if exceeded maximum distance.
Version 2.4 > Semi-fixed blood collision... ! Ninja rope physics replaced with blood-pixel physics, it just works better - dunno why... * Exe file compressed by 2 mb! (By re-coding every instance, where is that damned UPX exe when you need it?)
Version 2.3 + Particals in the works (code semi-complete) ! Blood refuses to stick onto other solids... ! Made it stick, but now it "layers" itself over the solid...
Version 2.2 ! Damn, people got a whiff of what I was doing, lol publicity leak. * Weapon has precise collision detection (for creating holes and stuff)
Version 2.1 > Physics no longer allow you to get stuck on the side of a wall (Gusanos STILL has that problem...) * Individual drawing code (for each itsy bitsy object) replaced with global drawing code... ! This results in the shadow caster being faster somehow...?
Version 2.0 * Lotsa bug fixes and code revision... > U no pop thru walls :D (lol) + Chainsaw now has an animation! Whooo! Spinny death! :D * Worm has a different (new) trajectory calculation code, that both the rope and weapon use (alot faster)
Version 1.9 > Collision detection fixed, game no longer shits itself when you "pop" thru a solid wall ! I made a nice Icon for the game...
Version 1.8 * Worm now generates at a RANDOM position, creating a sizable hole for the worm to sit in :D * Ninja-rope is now like the original!
Version 1.7 * Physics now allow you to "wall-slide"! CS-like! Woohooo fun fun fun! + Added basic HUD showing various movement variables.
Version 1.6 * Physics upgraded, again... > MAJOR bug fixes. DT shadows now draw correct image. Worm image still refuses to draw it's shadow though...
Version 1.5 > Mem leak fixed! Stupid destructable terrain shadows...
Version 1.4 > Shadow caster now runs faster! ! Now it casts volumetric shadows(!) + Second weapon in progress... First weapon still in beta :d ! Second weapon "homes" in on target"
Version 1.3 * Worm physics replaced with a global system (no more gazzillion codes for all the hspeed and vspeed variables) * Ninja rope now retractable > Shadow caster finnaly works! ! Laggy though...
Version 1.2 * Bug fixes, making the game more faster. * Liero-esque physics upgraded (a little bit) > Ninja-rope now works! Hooray! > Worm animations fixed (sometimes the worm aim would "flicker" to the next image) ! Mucked about with a shadow caster, semi-completed code...
Version 1.1 + Added basic Liero-esque physics * Worm animation now plays when worm "crawls" + Added aiming system + Added basic ninja-rope code, does not pull worm yet though... + Added destructable terrain + Added test weapon (Chainsaw, maelee weapon) ! Weapon uses image_angle, looks really cool when "fired"
Version 1.0 + Added worm sprite, and wrote a bit of code to animated it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, July 28, 2008

A boring title. -.- ARGH! PHYSICS D:<

Recently I hopped onto the GMC ( I have discovered someone by the name of "Rock" trying to replicate my ACPS car physics system. Unfortunatly for him if coding a game like mine is hard for me, how is a n00b going to take my comments? Not very well as a tried-and-proven method of making a n00b upset by saying that this game sux total arse. If only he knew what I know! ;p

Due to his "per object" instance handling he is WAY off mark with the drifting scene. Especially trying to code one! Right, onto critisizing his project (

His project, although it contains original graphics (which is beside the point), the car physics just sorta-well... Fails at trying to be a drifting game. As I commented it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to stear the car precisley around corners. The next couple of lines show what it has, and not;
First and fore-most

This is the most difficult level of interaction that all programmers of racing games face, although there are minimum animations to draw, to try and get the "feel" of the racing game just-right is rather hard to do;
ACPS: Very technical name aside, the car physics, while it is like threading silk through a fine-needle (real-life drifting is exactly like that), the car is nice and controllable. Minimum fuss and a responsive car makes the game fun to play. See for yourself:

EEP! Another car drift game RUNAWAY! Ahem, beside the point of very UNREALISTIC and my uber UN-fondness with this project, I lable it as crap. LOL. Alright, alright - a propper review I hear you say? Okay, to start of with, this game has no handbrake WHATSOEVER (Mine does not have it either YET, just let me find a host and i'll put the advanced link later on), it's stearing is, as I quote (from my post on the GMC) "it is like trying to muscle a elephant on ice with the stearing". That just proves my point. Oh, btw - his reversing is wierd, as it does not reverse or "stear" into the right direction. :p, Have a look for yourself:

Plus his smoke effects look bad and his tyre-skidmarks lag the game, much more than mine (Even if I have twice the amount of objects to simulate!).

PS: He mentioned the he won't have the source public, well that is fine by me! That will make my car game all the more popular. >:D *insert evil dance here*

I rest my case.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The InterWeb of externilism. O.o

Currently, because of various exams and stuff I have not been able to update much of my pages or website. Though I have checked out various forums and find various titbits of cool stuff that may or may not be able to help my game.

I have come up against a problem of mega-coding issue. The partical-per-pixel water that I have developed uses the CPU, GPU and graphics card quite extensivly (Per-Pixel is a hint), and will lag the game on any "normal" fammily machine. Robaki was meant to be a multi-platform game, not a beast-churning monster. This results in me frantically searching for a dll (Dynamic Link Library) for OSXP (Windows XP) to calculate the pixels in c++, which result in faster computing times, and a faster game.

For now, I leave you with a in-game screenshot of Robaki and it's lagging water. D:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back To The Future, *cough*old projects renewed*cough*

Remember that car physics game (ACPS) that I infrequently updated some time ago? Well, it looks like it is FINNALY finnished! Now it has newer physics, better skid-marks drawing and the ability to have a handbrake (I combined the handbrake and clutch for ease of driving...).

Unfortunatly I have found no reliable web hosts yet, but I will upload a demo picture before loading the demo game:

Various elements were added from the previous version (ambient light, handbrake and car controlls for the lights for example) even if it uses the original race-track. Hopefully by next month I will have a demo to be downloaded here soon. :)

Oh btw, there is another thing that I have to say - Robaki, my Liero clone/fangame is being remade from the ground-up. Now it is ALOT faster. Too bad I cannot get a screencapture for some reason.... :(

I'll find something that will do that for me, and update this blog with a couple of demos and screenshots. :)

AND, I almost forgot, I made a forum for Robaki:

(Robaki Development Forum)

Untill next time, RamboFox(1) aka Fox - the gamer's gamer.